Opera has announced  that the Windows Phone version of its Opera Mini browser won’t get any updates “for the next few months.” The project will be on hold off on active development.

In a blog post:

In short: no major updates are planned for the next few months. This is, of course, not set in stone, and we’re hoping to review the platform later this year. But, right now, the small team who were working on the Windows Phone app are now dedicating their time to our other apps on iOS or Android.

Having said that, we will continue to make sure the browser on Windows Phone is still secure to use. The developers are also keeping an eye on bugs to fix major annoyances as they can (so keep your bug reports coming in!).

Opera Mini  also stated that they currently have no plans to launch a universal app for Windows 10.

Since we also have a pretty cool desktop browser designed for Windows, we’ve discussed  bringing out a universal app at some point. However, at this time we don’t have the resources to work on this.

When we review our outlook for the mobile platform later this year, this particular project will be high on our wish list.

Check out all the details regarding Opera mini here.

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