Catch Nokia at CES live here!!

We are giving some links where you can catch the live bites from Nokia's event at CES, This one is Cnet's coverage, Nokia's own coverage,   Live action can also be caught at engadget's website,

Cutetube:Finally a complete youtube app for N8 and other S^3 devices!!

I was using two youtube apps," pockettube" and "Youtube downloader" for obvious reasons.Both are free and functional apps one for good video browsing and other for video downloading. But now famous youtube application Cutetube which is available for other major OSes is available for Symbian devices and best part...

Smarterphone OS: A tale of competitive advantage for Nokia!!

So what made Nokia buy a brand new OS from some other company,when they have S40,S30,Symbian,Meego; all inhouse and succesful OSes.Hmm! not so difficult to understand that this is to achieve what is a very important term used in corporate strategy parlance,"competitive advantage".In layman terms,This means something...

Updated changelog:New software version 41.0.000 available for C6 (S60V5) in India!!

New software version 41.0.000 available for C6 (S60V5) in India.Update possible via PC only. Changelog: New Browser (Belle like browser with 5 navigation buttons) . Rant: This browser is far better than one on my N8 which is still on anna. UI functioning and fluidity has improved . The OS stability...

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