Nokia has acknowledged that a small number of Lumia 920 owners have reported “random reboot” issues, severity of which varies from once to many times after being in use (As reported in many forums). For most of them, the issue has disappeared after one or two days. Also the number of people facing this issue is really less and most of the early adopters, I know are not facing any such issue. But as we know how much a section of “tech media” loves Nokia :P, so it was expected that they will jump on the first possible opportunity to write something bad about Nokia and Lumia 920.

Anyways, good news is that Nokia says, first hand they suspect some “problematic apps” running in background, behind these reboots and as reported by many readers it seems to be true. Nokia also has come up with a temporary solution and recommend existing out of applications after using them by using the back button. This is what they have conveyed to “Techcrunch”.

Nokia acknowledged there have been “reports of a small number of people experiencing this unusual performance on their Nokia Lumia 920″ and pointed to problematic apps as a potential cause — noting in a statement: “We are investigating but suspect some apps may be at the root of the issue when left running in the background. While we learn more, we advise people when finished with an application to navigate away using the back button to ensure it is no longer active.”