This is why, competition is so good after all :). Walmart had priced Lumia 920 at $ 49.99, while Amazon has been selling it at a price of $99.99. But now Amazon has also dropped the price to $49.99 for Black and White models as all other colors are still “out of stock”. So, great news for those wanting to grab Black or White Lumia 920 at¬†unbeatable price of $49.99 from Amazon.

Lumia 920 Amazon link

Coming to colors of Lumia 920: Yellow, Red and Cyan are “sold out” at Amazon, Walmart and AT&T websites as well. Stocks are expected in 1-2 weeks. But if you are really craving for Red or Cyan Lumia 920, you can still grab one at “Bestbuy” for $99.99 . Yellow has gone out of stock¬†at Bestbuy as well.


Lumia 920 Bestbuy link