This is why, competition is so good after all :). Walmart had priced Lumia 920 at $ 49.99, while Amazon has been selling it at a price of $99.99. But now Amazon has also dropped the price to $49.99 for Black and White models as all other colors are still “out of stock”. So, great news for those wanting to grab Black or White Lumia 920 at unbeatable price of $49.99 from Amazon.

Lumia 920 Amazon link

Coming to colors of Lumia 920: Yellow, Red and Cyan are “sold out” at Amazon, Walmart and AT&T websites as well. Stocks are expected in 1-2 weeks. But if you are really craving for Red or Cyan Lumia 920, you can still grab one at “Bestbuy” for $99.99 . Yellow has gone out of stock at Bestbuy as well.


Lumia 920 Bestbuy link