Lumia 920 has been released now albeit in a frustratingly slow manner in many major markets and it has been welcomed whole-heartedly by its fans across the markets  leading to “single day sold outs” and topping the various “Bestseller charts“. This is weekend now, so thought of compiling all the available info about Lumia 920’s sales performance in one article. Here, we will cover the news about Lumia 920’s chartbuster show market by market.  The sold out/ getting out of stock is obviously a signal of strong demand but the bestseller chart performance gives a much better idea about the demand, since the chart consists of competitor devices as well :).


AT&T, Walmart and Amazon all have sold out of Red, Yellow and Cyan stocks. At Walmart only White is left. Not only this Lumia 920 is topping “Bestseller in AT&T” chart at Amazon with other colors in Top 10 as well.



Due to very strong demand for unlocked Lumia 920, Clove and Expansys sold out of their stocks in a single day and now Lumia 920 tops the “hot list” at Clove and “Top selling phone chart” at Expansys.


Both official carrier “Telstra” and retailer “Mobicity” went out of Lumia 920’s stock in single days.


Lumia 920 has been topping the “Bestseller” chart continuously for fourth week there since the time pre-orders began.


Lumia 920 on pre-order went out of stock thrice before the delivery getting delayed at official “Nstore.