HERE brings navigation to Samsung Galaxy Gear. 16 million Nokia X can ship in 2014.

If you have followed our coverage carefully, then you may be able to see telltale signs of how the new Nokia will open up and will target all smartphone platforms with its devices and services like HERE maps. So, from providing maps to Tizen,...

Vodafone & NSN sign 5-year network upgrade contract & SDM solution agreement

After the EE LTE deal, NSN scores another biggie here! It has signed a network upgrade contract with Vodafone. This is a 5-year deal and NSN will modernize and expand Vodafone's existing radio network. Nokia Solutions and Networks has been awarded a contract by Vodafone...

NSN & O2 win GSMA award at MWC’14. NSN won GTI Innovation award too!

Proud moment for NSN and Nokia!! NSN and O2 have won one of the most prestigious awards, the GSMA award at MWC 2014. Above images shows Eva elmstedt from NSN with the GSMA award. The winner takes it all, let's bring this baby home. Our...

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