win 10 action centerIt is so relaxing to have an official date for next Windows 10 for Phones build, when you are asked for the same by many daily without fail. Anyways, great news to share here, as Gabe Aul has just confirmed that the next Windows 10 for Phones build will be out on this Friday 10:00 AM PST, which is around 10:30 PM Indian time and 6 PM UK time.

Now some not so good news for Lumia Icon and Lumia 930 users. The next build won’t be released for both of these devices  because of the “UI scaling” bug mentioned by Gabe in the last blog post. 

Still most of other devices will be supported. Check the full supported list here and exclude Lumia Icon for now from the list.

The next build will be upgradable from all existing Windows Phone 8.1 builds and it is teased to bring some big new features.

We have seen new features like Spartan browser, pinnable settings, keyboard enhancements, new toggles, 4 rows of quick-action buttons, LED notifications, primary account reset available in various leaked builds. Then there are tiles transparency options, new outlook mail & calendar, integrated messaging etc that are expected too. So, let us see whether the new build brings all this or surprises us with much more. You can catch all the Windows 10 for Phones details covered on our dedicated page or by checking individual articles by clicking here.