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New Windows 10 Mobile Phone VPU051C11N from Quanta (Vaio) passes Bluetooth certification


A new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone has passed Bluetooth certification and it bears the Software version number 10.0.10586, the RTM Build. The device in question has passed certification on March 11 and thus may be going to market soon. The device brand is mentioned as “Quanta Computer Inc.” but the URL mentions Vaio US official site. Quanta is an ODM and this may mean that it may be manufacturing Vaio Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

VPU051C11N Quanta

Now, this gets more interesting as Vaio had already revealed a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone called Vaio Phone Biz, but the product code for this smartphone is VPB0511S. You can read all about Vaio Phone Biz by clicking here. But this new smartphone has Model no. mentioned as VPU051C11N in Bluetooth certification. Now, there are two possibilities. Either it is the US version of Vaio Phone Biz, in which case it is a welcome news or else it is an entirely new model by Vaio that is being manufactured by Quanta, which is a welcome news too.

If you remember we reported a certain Quanta MTP8952 with 4.7-inch, 1080p display and running Snapdragon 615 from GFXBench. So may be we are looking at one more interesting Windows 10 Mobile mid-ranger to come to US market.

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