Insider Firmware update

Last we shared with you a crude way to get Firmware updates on your Insider devices. One needed to opt out of Insider Program to enable getting firmware updates. Now, Microsoft has made it easier by introducing a Third option of “Production” apart from “Insider Fast” and “Insider slow”, as can be seen in the screenshot above. So, once you have opted for Production option, you would be able to get Firmware updates. You will have to re-enroll to Insider Fast or Insider Slow options to get future Insider Preview Builds, once you are done with the Firmware updates install. Read in detail how to get Firmware updates on your Insider Devices by clicking here.

Currently the system that publishes firmware updates is only targeting devices that are configured to receive production updates. We have teams working on the tools to make this happen seamlessly for Windows Insiders, but it will take a few weeks to get this rolled out in a way that works for current and future firmware updates to Windows Insiders.

While we are getting this update experience fixed; we have a temporary workaround in place to make things easier for our Windows Insiders. Within the Windows Insider application on Windows 10 Mobile we have added a new option called ‘Production’. This will point your device back to the production update servers where you will be able to get any firmware updates that are available for your devices. Once you have the update you will then need to go back to the Windows Insider application and reselect the Fast or Slow ring. Please be advised, if you don’t reselect Fast or Slow with any build newer than 10586 your device will be in a state which may not receive any future Insider Preview builds or Cumulative Updates.

Better news is this is still a temporary workaround and Microsoft will start pushing regular Firmware updates to Insider Devices as well in future.

We have been getting a lot of feedback on making mobile device firmware updates more accessible to our Windows Insiders with devices in the Fast and Slow rings. We have heard you loud and clear and are working to enable this. As more Windows 10 Mobile devices come to market, we expect that firmware updates will be an ongoing activity within the Windows Insider Program.

Not so pleasant news is that Operators / Carriers will still play a part when it comes to Firmware updates just like in case of non-Insider Devices.

A single device model like the Lumia 950 or the Lumia 950 XL, will ship in many configurations around the world for various network types, mobile operators, device resellers, etc. When we update mobile devices we can target devices based on the OS build version, the model, or the specific configuration down to a particular mobile operator in a particular country. Mobile operators and Windows Insiders get early access to Insider Preview builds and Cumulative Updates to test and provide feedback on our changes prior to rolling these updates out to Windows 10 devices. In cases where firmware updates affect the software that talks to a mobile operator network, our teams work closely with that mobile operator to evaluate and approve the firmware update for devices they support. Specially for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL models, to date we have shipped firmware updates to 700+ device configurations and still have additional mobile operators evaluating future updates.

Via: Microsoft