Nokia fans are eagerly waiting for Nokia to return in the world of smartphones. We exclusively reported about two high-end smartphones in works which may come out running Android Nougat out of the box. We did mention that Nokia is also working to bring some mid-rangers in the mix. And now we are seeing some very first evidences of prototype testing.

Two Nokia devices have appeared in Geekbench listings and they look really interesting. The first one named Nokia 5320 (that name..) seems to have a quad-core processor clocked at 2.27 GHz but packs only 2 GB RAM. The device can certainly be a high-end one and processor in question may be Snapdragon 821 as the Snapdragon 820 peaks at 2.2GHZ. Snapdragon 821 has peak clocking speed of 2.4 GHz. That 2 GB RAM may be a prototype thing however.

Nokia 5320 Android

The second one seems a bit confusing. It is named as Nokia RM-1490, which follows the naming convention of earlier Nokia and later Lumia devices. So, seems Nokia is back to using RM-xxxx for its upcoming smartphones. It has a AMD A8-5545M processor clocked at just 500MHz and again has a 2 GB RAM. It remains unclear as to what it can be. It runs Android 4.2.2, so we are again looking at a very early prototype.


Keep in mind that these may be very early protos with significant changes in store for later. These may be fake or fabricated as well, as it is not impossible to do so.

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