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New Lumias, Surface Phone & other Windows 10 Mobile devices we can expect in 2016

Lumia 850.1

The year gone by has been very interesting in terms of new Windows 10 Mobile devices with the launch of flagship Lumias, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL packing innovative features like Iris scanners and Continuum for Phones support. There were some devices from other vendors that deserve a mention like Acer Jade Primo and Nuans Neo.

Year 2016 is here now and let us take a deep dive into expected new Windows 10 Mobile devices from Microsoft and other vendors in new year.

Lumias (Q1) expected soon:

At least one high-end mid-ranger or may be two Lumia 750 and / or Lumia 850 is expected to arrive in Q1 2016. T-Mobile Poland’s leaked plan also reveals two new Lumias arriving in Q1 2016. Just days ago we reported a new device with variant code RM-1182 passing certification In Indonesia. We reported batches of higher end mid-rangers has landed on November 18 for testing and it should be priced around INR 19499 (USD 290).

Sources also tell us that by March we can expect 2-3 4G Lumias joining the Lumia lineup. One of them is certainly Lumia 650. We can expect more devices, however. Sources tell us to expect two devices in total by March-April apart from Lumia 750 / Lumia 850.

Surface Phone:

We reported that things look great for a new device that may use a new Intel chip with much powerful SOC than the Sofia LTE chip that Windows 10 Mobile currently supports. Interestingly, this time Microsoft may indeed plan to use “Surface” moniker for this device, report our sources. Surface Phone may boast of a Metallic uni-body design and will carry the Surface family design genes. It may have a 5.2 / 5.5 inch, 4K UHD display; though one of our sources claims a 2K display. Read more about the Surface Phone here.

For all the goodness, it is not supposed to arrive before end of Q3 2016 and may run the next major version of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone update out of the box.

Lumia 2016 Flagships:

This information comes via our trusted sources who have tipped us about Microsoft testing Lumias based on Snapdragon 820 processor. It seems as if Microsoft may adopt a Surface Pro 4 –  Surface Book kind of strategy here in mobiles too. There may be two flagships or super high-end devices, one with Snapdragon 820, more playful and another that may be claimed to be the ultimate powerhouse device, the Surface phone, with even ability to run Win32 apps and with and enhanced continuum. Read more about the Lumia 2016 Flagship here.

Other 2016 Lumias:

We expect Microsoft to launch one low-end device that will succeed Lumia 550 in Q4 2016. Microsoft may also launch a business oriented mid-ranger towards the end of 2016 to early 2017. It is too early to find a name for these devices. But as far as our information goes the road-map does have these devices. More details on these Lumias will emerge as year 2016 will unfold.

Windows 10 Mobile devices from other vendors:

HP Falcon has been leaked running Snadragon 820 and with a 5.8-inch 2K display. It also appeared with only 5.4-inch, 768p resolution display in Adduplex. So may be we will see two variants, one normal and another XL. Read more about this device here.

Quanta MTP8952 with Snapdragon 615 / 617 Octa-Core processor and 4.7-inch, 1080p display looks like another interesting prospect. Read more here.

We also saw one MDG Chi with Octa-Core processor and 720p display. Read more here.

Dexp Ixion W 5 variant with a 6.5-inch display was caught too.

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  • awaid

    dbs there should be one high mid ranger because Msft says themselves that 6 phones 1 flagship,budget (low) and business end they already release 3 950,xl &550 now 650 now 2 remaining don’t know might be lumia 850 or 750 one high mid ranger is coming all these data from a duplex or testing are not fake ok say data are fake but not the testing in India & Indonesia

  • You kidding me, right? Windows 10 Mobile devices from other vendors: 4 f.,,g devices. FOUR. And three of them are the super well known Quanta, MDG Chi and Dexp Ixion ? And you have 0 (zero) words about this flood of W10M devices ?

    • Kamal

      Ask Microsoft why well-known vendors are not on-board. We can hardly do anything but report, be it a flood or a leaking pipe though a needle hole…

  • Thierry J

    It was said the same about Surface and Bing that are now profitable … As for the number of devices,I agree on the fact that it is too much. MS is certainly pushing to have OEMs on lower / mid range. As for strategy, the Surface phone is the best one … On a market segment they know (professional) and where margins are (as demonstrated with Surface products) with no need to do huge volumes to be profitable.

  • DBS

    I somewhat highly doubt Microsoft will release that many WPs. Considering they already said they’d be reducing the number of phones, that the business is a money loser and Nadella just admitted it’s unsustainable, I think the arrival of the Surface Phone will just put an end to Windows Phone for good. I certainly wouldn’t expect neither the 750 nor the 850 nor any other Lumias apart from the 650 coming up (T-Mobile was presenting their roadmap. So those two phones could well be the 950/XL or the 950 and 550 etc) . Microsoft investors would have long killed off WP if they had their way. Going into 2016 I doubt Nadella will be able to hold them off for much longer.

    Oh and then there’s the obvious damage the return of Nokia will inflict on WP. Let us not forget most WP users became so because of Nokia. And with Nokia offering phones again running a successful OS, Microsoft will be left really with Microsoft fans only as Nokia fans will likely return “home”. So moving to real Intel/Windows 10 powered phones may be their only chance to move away from the consumer market into the enterprise market where such devices as the Surface Phone do represent a very very compelling offer.

    • Shobin Drogan

      I would be bitterly disappointed once again if there is no 850 or 750 down the pipeline, i’ve just about had it with this OS, ive been waiting for a good 8xx series windows phone for over 2 years.
      The 650 is absolute garbage to say the least, SD2xx? I mean seriously, they aren’t even pretending to care right now.
      As for Nokia I’m not entirely sure if I would buy another nokia unless it looks completely different from everything else in the market, I hate having the same phone as everyone else. Especially not an iPhone rip off which most new phones are trying to be.