Microsoft is planning to bring next major Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile update in two waves: Redstone 1 (Rs 1) and Redstone 2 (RS2). So, here we are with a bit of info about what to expect from these updates in term of features and changes and also what can be the release timelines for these two updates. via our trusted sources.

Windows 10 Mobile has already received a few Redstone builds and you can read all the changes and features brought by these builds brought by clicking here.

Just remember that Microsoft may or may not finally deliver the mentioned features if a change in plan happens or a major bug is found or may change them a bit before rolling-out. But if you are an insider you will certainly get to enjoy these new features before anyone else.

Updated (May 27):

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 Features under consideration:

  • Landscape Home Screen: We can confirm that Microsoft is working to deliver this much-demanded feature and it may be delivered soon to Insiders. It will now come with RS2 or Redstone second wave.
  • Interactive Tiles: We can confirm that Microsoft has been testing this feature for long but like jump lists this feature will not make its way to Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update and is expected to arrive on Windows 10 with Redstone 2 updates.
  • Multi-Window or Split-Screen support on Phablets: It seems Microsoft has never been able to truly understand the benefit behind bringing this feature to windows 10 Mobile, but with Android N bringing this feature natively, we hear Microsoft is seriously considering to include it in Redstone 2. Two apps can run side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode on Phablets and the feature may not be available for devices with screen-size less than 5-inch.
  • While it was widely expected to see the feature of “App Roaming” and “ability to place call using connected Windows 10 PC” in Redstone 1 aka Anniversary update, it seems Microsoft has pushed this feature for Redstone 2, though a last minute surprise may be in store.

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 1 new features:

  • Enhanced Action Center: Soon, we may be able to do more in action center. Music Player control, Download status may be some of the new additions to Action Center usability. We also hear Action Center may become customizable and may reflect changes in Theme colors ala Windows 10.
  • Better Windows 10 – Windows 10 Mobile integration or Apps Roaming feature: You can start using an app on either Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile device and resume working on other connected device from where you left your work on the first device. All the connected devices must be using same Microsoft account.
  • Cortana Enhancements: Not only send a message but also make a call using your PC connected to your Mobile with same Microsoft account. Cortana gets more capabilities and brings tighter integration between various Windows 10 devices.
  • More Tile Sizes & Customization options: We hear Microsoft may bring more Tile Sizes and even more customization options with RedStone. Especially the Lock-Screen experience may be enhanced.
  • Updated Native apps: Expect major enhancements to all major native apps experiences. File Explorer, OneDrive, Messaging + Skype, Store, Music and more are supposed to get major overhauls with many new features. Photos app may finally get the auto-enhancement and auto-album creation feature.
  • Enhanced Continuum: Continuum will reveal its full potential with Redstone. Redstone will enable
    • More apps and touch-screen support
    • Higher resolution support and improved overall experience
    • Even Win32 apps would be able to run via Continuum we hear, though Microsoft would encourage Developers to go for Universal Apps
    • We have seen HP using “virtualised desktop apps” route to enable running Desktop apps on HP Elite X3 in continuum mode. Now, we hear Windows 10 Mobile smartphones running on X86 processors will be able to run Win32 apps natively in Continuum mode, while those on ARM processors will pack the ability to do so by using Virtualisation.
    • Microsoft and vendors will showcase it as a major business and productivity feature.

Above is an expected but incomplete list of new features / changes expected to arrive on Windows 10 Mobile with Redstone 1 and Redstone 2 updates. We will keep this article updated as we come to know more.

Redstone update Timelines:

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 1 update may arrive during June – July (Tentative) while Redstone 2 update has a updated tentative timeline of March – April 2017. Redstone 1 is expected to be a major update with UI changes and choke-full of new features, while Redstone 2 will focus more on polish and usability features.

Originally Posted: Jan 6 2016

Updated: Mar 20 2016