In a new interview, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has accepted that the current smartphone market share of 1.7% that Windows Phone enjoys is “unsustainable”. But he has again reiterated their commitment towards “Phone’s experience” calling its as a node of the entire “mobility of experience”.

The focus on mobile experiences makes sense for a company trying to push into cloud services, especially because mobile as a category been a disaster for Microsoft. The latest Gartner report estimates that the company’s share of the mobile market is a measly 1.7%. Nadella admits that’s unsustainable, but argues that the company is already trying to get to a world where the device matters less than the services it is accessing.

“I think we do ourselves a disservice if we measure our success by just looking at: What’s the market share of HoloLens? What’s the market share of Xbox? What’s the market share of PCs? What’s the market share of our phones?” Nadella says. “Go back to what I said about the mobility of experience. If you think of this more like a graph, these [devices] are all nodes. Sometimes the user will use all of these devices … sometimes they’ll use only one or two of our devices and some other platforms — so be it. But we want to make sure that we are completing the experience across all of these devices.”

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing its services to other platforms with good to moderate success. But, without a strong presence in field of Smartphones either directly via its Lumia range or with help of vendors, Microsoft will never be accepted by tech world as truly arrived on the Mobile Scene that it has totally missed out on during last 10 years or so.

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