6tagTime for some new updates!!!

myTube has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is The latest update Rearranged settings panel, Re-implemented developer messages and more.

myTube Changelog:

– Product key system implemented. Those who lost access to the paid version of the app can now submit a product key request from the “about + extras” section

– Fixed bug where trial mode waiting timer would never end

– Rearranged settings panel

– Fixed bug where the app sometimes wouldn’t open to the subscriptions panel

– Re-implemented developer messages (including ability to comment on the messages)

– Fixed bug that may have caused a crash at launch for some

– Additional fixes and improvements

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6tag app also updated with version for Windows Phone Devices. The latest update includes a refresh button which basically lets you refresh your Instagram feed.

6tag Changelog:

– add refresh button to refresh notifications/popular images on home
– use geolocation from image when edit

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