We are bringing two videos for your watching pleasure in “Monday Watch” 😛 !! First one is official video of Jennifer Lopez’s new title “Live It Up” featuring rapper Pitbull where White Lumia 920 is placed right in Jennifer Lopez’s hand and not only this you will see her texting to Pitbull as well. So, good work there by Nokia!! Watch the video below or click here.


Second one is the new Windows Phone advert featuring Kid’s corner on a Red Lumia 920. Now, before somebody jumps saying why MS needs to highlight “Kid’s corner” so much, let me tell you for a family with kids it is one of most sought after and often used feature of a Windows Phone.

Frankly speaking, It has been really easy for me to slip Lumia 920 to my hyper-curious toddler with some selected videos and learning apps like “Animal sounds” which serves dual purpose of sustaining his curiosity and helping him learn.

Anyways, catch the video below or click here,