As exclusively reported by us, Surface Phone, the Flagship Windows 10 Mobile smartphone may be aimed at Spring 2017 and may come powered by Snapdragon 830, the yet announced processor from Qualcomm. So, the million dollar question is how would it look like?? Even if it follows Surface design genes it should certainly be appealing and innovative at the same time. So, what about a modular Surface Phone? One which will allow you to take away the parts like camera module and may be fit a bigger or better one. LG has created quite a stir with its modular flagship LG G5 recently.

So the ever popular Phone designer has been teasing a modular Surface Phone and you can see the images above and below. It seems he will post all the images some time in future. He also imagines the Surface Phone to come without a Headphone Jack and with just USB-C slot.

Suface Phone 111

Surface Phone 121