Recover WPMany Lumia owners running Windows 10 for Phones preview have faced the dreaded issue of “hard bricking”, while trying to recover the devices using Windows Phone Recovery Tool. The issue makes the phone not recoverable with current recovery tools and when you connect your phone to the PC, the phone is recognized just as QHSUSB_DLOAD. Gabe Aul has confirmed it in a tweet and it has been confirmed in the Microsoft forum too.

Jason[MS] replied on

Microsoft Forum Moderator

Thank you for sharing feedback on your recovery experience. 

We’ve heard similar feedback from a subset of Insiders working with Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones where an error impacted their phone.  Through this feedback we are investigating the various user end-states, including the QHSUSB_DLOAD error some have reported, as well as other issues that don’t have detail or exhibit different symptoms.  Our Windows Phone Recovery Tool team is actively working on an update to the recovery tool flashing process to help with corruption issues. 

Please check in on the forum for updates as we work to address these issues and deliver changes to the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.