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Microsoft Surface Phone’s new concept imagines colorful personality with Pen & Keyboard

We last talked about why Microsoft has pushed Surface Phone to August – September 2017. Now a new concept from well-known designers “Behance” imagines how Surface Phone should look like. While earlier we have seen some radical Surface Phone concepts, this one looks promising yet inspired from earlier concepts and existing devices like HP Elite X3.

It adds Cyan to one of the possible Back colors for Surface Phone and that looks cool. There are powerful speakers on top and bottom in the concept. The concept re-imagines the capability to use Surface Phone in Landscape mode like a Mini Tablet with a hinge support. You can see the Keyboard and Surface Pen support too, making it the super Enterprise-friendly flagship.

We told you exclusively that Surface Phone may be powered by Snapdragon 830 and later leaks / rumors originating in China not only talk about three Surface Phone variants, their RAM / Internal Storage configurations but also confirm Snapdragon 830 as the processor.

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  • That would be nice, if you indicated an author in the article. Not only on this one, but also for the rest of them. It gives motivation and is a promotion in some way too.

  • mackol

    MM, thet concept is too much designed in my opinion..
    I’d rather just want something minimal, cool and catchy.
    What about THIS?


  • M Rankin

    look nice

  • Sven Van de Velde

    Microsoft is finally on the right path. It will take some time, but the mindshift will come to its users. Windows 10 Mobile is becoming a fantastic product and OS. With great products like the surface phone but also the Lumia 950xl, Microsoft will start eating from the android and iOS cake. Apple phones are getting old fashioned. There is hardly any innovation with apple. Android will disappear due to the miriad of dialects and high cost of maintenance to upgrade old devices. I think WM10 is the way to success. I really like my 950xl. Nice phone, fast, great OS and the app gap is non existent. And a 21 megapixel camera… Continuum and the authentication with my iris scanning are a great feature.

    • Tim

      I agree completely. I came from Android and iPhone… And I will never go back now that I have a 950xl. It’s pure greatness. Completely intuitive and works so much better than the others.