wp_ss_20150212_0001(1)In a mail sent to Insiders, Microsoft has reiterated its promise of more frequent builds for Insider Fast on Windows 10 for Phones and Fast Ring on Windows 10 Desktop. Though this promise has not materialized in the way insiders expected but hope it really gets faster from now onwards. Insider Hub for Windows 10 for Phones is also on its way, it seems.

To make your Insider experience even better:
  • Based on your feedback, we’re going to send out builds more frequently to Windows Insiders that have selected “Fast” preview builds. That means you can getting fresher code with all of the features and fixes, more often – but builds may include more bugs. Read my blog for more details. To switch to slow or fast builds on your PC, go to Settings>Update & recovery>Advanced options. On your phone, go to the Windows Insider app.
  • Go to the Insider Hub in the Start menu on your PC for the latest updates, including new features (like the new Office preview apps) and simple workarounds to issues you may encounter with the new builds. (A Hub for phones is coming soon.)
  • Check out the new Get Started app (also in the Start menu) that guides you through the latest features.
  • Go to the Windows Insider Community forum to connect with other Insiders, get tips and advice, and help solve problems.