W10M smarthphones

Microsoft has provided detailed recommended hardware configurations for three smartphone categories running Windows 10 Mobile. It has categorized smartphones in “Value Phone”, Value Phablet” and “Premium Phone” categories and has also listed the recommended specifications for various components.

Smartphones come in a wide range of sizes from low cost phones, small tablets (phablets) and industrial handheld devices. A typical smartphone combines cellular connectivity, a touch screen, rechargeable power source, and other components into a single chassis. Windows 10 Mobile can support a wide range of small form factors devices. Listed below are a few recommended hardware configurations.

While it is clear that there will be other categories of smartphones than the three listed below, but since the recommended configurations come from Microsoft, we can expect Microsoft to launch Lumias with these recommended configurations that will work as reference for other OEMs.

There are many interesting things to note. All devices are supposed to be with LTE support and premium phones will have 20 MP rear /  5 MP FFC with OIS and Flash. Premium phones need to be less than 7.5 mm thick and less than 160 gm in weight, wow! The premium phones are also recommended to have Windows Hello (Iris Scanner) and Continuum for Phones. So seems Lumia 950 / Lumia 950 XL may be quite thin and light too.

[Lumia 950 Page]

[Lumia 950 XL page]

Value Phablet will also have Windows Hello support. So, we can expect Lumia 850 to have Windows Hello (Iris Scanner) support. Minimum RAM is 1 GB but internal storage can be 4 GB.

Windows 10 Mobile smartphones recommended specifications list:

Dn915112.Phone(en-us,VS.85).pngValue PhoneDn915112.Phone(en-us,VS.85).pngPremium PhoneDn915112.Phablet(en-us,VS.85).pngValue Phablet
Key FeaturesLow cost



Windows Hello (Face Unlock)

Continuum for Phones


Windows Hello (Face Unlock)

Operating SystemWindows 10 MobileWindows 10 MobileWindows 10 Mobile
Recommended Components CPUSupported entry SoCSupported premium SoCMid tier supported SoC
RAM/Storage1GB / 4-8GB with SD slot2-4GB / 32-64GB with SD slot2GB /16B with SD slot
Display3.5”-5”+ / WVGA -FWVGA-qHD*4.5-5.5”+ / FHD-WQHD5.5”-7”/720p+
Dimensions<10.5mm & <135g<7.5mm & <160g<10mm & <175g
Battery1400 mAh+ (1 day active use)2500+ mAh ( 1 day active use)3000 mAh+ ( 1 day active use)
Connectivity3G (LTE/Cat 3)/802.11b/g/n, microUSB, 3.5mm jack, BT LELTE/Cat 4+ /802.11b/g/n/ac 2×2, USB, 3.5mm jack, BT LE, NFCLTE/Cat 3 /802.11b/g/n/ac 2×2, USB 3.0 type-c, 3.5mm jack, BT LE, NFC
Camera+5MP, .3MP FFC20MP with OIS/Flash; 5MP FFC5MP, .3MP FFC