SpartanMicrosoft has today revealed that Microsoft Edge is the first browser to include support for high quality Dolby Audio.

Advancement in media experiences continues in Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Today, we are announcing that Microsoft Edge includes HTML5, MSE and EME support for a new audio format:  Dolby Audio™.  It allows websites to match the compelling visuals of H.264 video with equally compelling multi-channel audio.  It works well with AVC/H.264 video and also with our previously announced HLS and MPEG DASH Type 1 streaming features, which both support integrated playback of an HLS or DASH manifest.

Dolby Audio supports the multi-channel Dolby Digital Plus™ audio format that provides crisp, clear audio in a broad range of channel configurations.  Microsoft Edge is the first browser to include support for Dolby Digital Plus.  Websites will now be able to selectively support Dolby Audio as a premium sound experience, and use HTML5, MSE and EME capability checks to fall back to other supported formats on browsers other than Microsoft Edge.

According to Microsoft it will allow great media experience in web apps and sites.

We added Dolby Audio to Microsoft Edge so that web apps and sites can deliver the richest and most compelling media experiences with Windows 10.  In particular, we wanted Microsoft Edge to support the most demanding requirements from media websites.  Supporting Dolby Audio fits with this goal.