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Microsoft disappoints with Lumia 950 & 950 XL’s pricing for India

Lumia-950-and-Lumia-950-XL_featuredMicrosoft has finally launched Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in India and has revealed the pricing for the devices. As the title suggests, the retail pricing is disappointing to say the least. Microsoft is planning to sell Lumia 950 for Rs 43,699 and Lumia 950 XL for Rs 49,399 and that converts into a not-so-market friendly USD 655 and USD 740.

India is a price-sensitive market and Microsoft just does the opposite of what it should do in a market like India. In US, where the subsidized handset plans are preferred Lumia 950 can be bought for USD 549 and Lumia 640 XL for USD 649. How can it price Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL some 100 Dollars higher in markets like India?? In Europe, one can get them for good pricing comparable to US market.

How is it justified Microsoft Mobile Pricing team??

Only saving grace for now is that if one places Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL on pre-order, one will get a Display Dock for free (limited time offer). So if you are in for a Lumia 950 an Lumia 950 XL either hurry and get that Display Dock or you may need to wait for few months for prices to come to reasonable range without Display Dock.


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  • DH Dog

    Here (Romania) Vodafone ls them at 595$ and 690$. Decent pricing.

  • Stupid pricing strategy, Microsoft!

  • viipottaja

    Sorry to see your pricing predictions did not pan out and were so off the mark in the end.

  • Azz_Abdr

    @nokiapoweruser:disqus it’s not only in India, Indonesia too sell Lumia 950 for 645 USD.
    But for everyone who get it in pre-order will get free continuum Display Dock and MS Foldable Keyboard plus cashback “up to” 35 USD.

    There is no 950XL & 550 in here. And the price of 640 & 640 XL haven’t decrease much, only 10 USD from launch price. So it is unlikely the price of 950 will touch the same price in US or in Europe.

  • Roy Nagel

    damnit microsoft!
    if they keep going like this, windows phone will never become populair

  • Bhavya Shah

    The devices will be available for 10k less in just few months

  • MT1705

    and those shitty headphones….which sell on roadside or bus stops at 50-100 rs
    i understand tht these are premium devices..but these are not Galaxies or iPhones… iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB is available for 48k

  • SVKNet

    Disappointing prices. Better MS now launch Lumia 550 around 10K!

  • Daniel

    Please do a reality check before you post. The unsubsidised European market price for the 950 is 589€ at the moment which is $634,85 so from where I am standing it is about the same price as in India. I fully agree that this is far too expensive but I’m not at all sure why you think the price is great in Europe but bad in India and why the prices should be cheaper in India than elsewhere in the world. Welcome to global economy…

    • Kamal

      In Europe Most of the Microsoft Stores are selling Lumia 950 for EUR 599. Check the retailer prices in Germany, France and Italy and others..and at many of them it is as good as even less than EUR 549.

      • Give it a week or two. Will slash by 5k or so. Where Google is cutting prices of its new Nexus, this Lumia has no chance to stand that price (unless they sure don’t want sell it).
        Not new for the companies to loot those who are crazy for their product.