Microsoft has talked in some detail about the latest Skype Preview update 11.9. The version 11.9 has arrived on both PC and Mobile with last updates. Here is what the update brings as per the changelog provided by Microsoft.

Skype 11.9 Changelog:

This update lets you respond to SMS from your Windows Mobile, connects you to Skype for Business consumers around the world, with additional features that make it easier to be more productive on Skype.

Do more with SMS Relay

Starting today, SMS relay is now available to Skype Preview users. With this feature, you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages directly from a Windows 10 PC when Skype for Windows 10 Mobile is set as the default messaging app. SMS relay eliminates the problem of your phone being out of reach. Send and receive texts, group messages, and photos directly from your computer with a single view of SMS and Skype conversations.

Ready to get started? You will need to have Skype Preview on both your Windows Mobile and PC. To enable SMS relay, set Skype as the default SMS app by following the below steps:

  • On a Windows phone, launch Skype Preview, go to settings and select “Make Skype your default messaging app”; and
  • On a Windows PC, launch Skype Preview, go to settings and select “Enable Skype on this device to sync my SMS messages”

Skype comes together with Skype for Business

Skype Preview is now able to connect to Skype for Business consumers around the world. With today’s update, you can now reach friends and family who are using Skype for Business, Microsoft’s unified communications platform. Send a quick message to a significant other letting him know where to meet you for dinner or have a video call with mom while she’s traveling on business—Skype Preview and Skype for Business streamlines communications across both life and work.

To get started, tap on Contacts and enter in a contact’s work email address in “Search Skype”. If that person is on Skype for Business, you should see their work email address appear in the search results. Select the email, then send them a message, and they will get a contact request via Skype for Business. Once the contact has accepted your request, you can view their status, instant message, and have one-on-one video or audio calls.

Additional improvements

This update also brings you additional features that make it easier to call and chat on Skype Preview, including:

  • Improved messaging – Drag and drop files and images up to 300MB into your chat to quickly share them with friends and family, right click on a message and select “Quote Message” so you will know who said what in your chats, see an image preview of a shared URL rather than a long link, and stay on top of messages with an unread message indicator in chat.

  • Easier calling – Manage audio and video devices from Skype settings to select a preferred camera, microphone or speaker and test audio before a call.

  • Enhanced profiles – Start a call or conversation from a contact’s profile page, add/remove/block contacts, view initials of a contact if they don’t have a profile picture, and unblock any contact you may currently have blocked.

  • Additional Windows Mobile updates – Video calls will now default to loud speaker and we’ve improved back button navigation.