megaMEGA, file sharing app for Windows Phone is now visible in the Windows Phone Store, and set for public availability soon.Version 2  is the first public release  for this app.

MEGA Features:


Here at MEGA, you are in charge of your data. Neither MEGA, your Internet provider, a search engine, your insurance company or a government can access it. If you want to share it, it’s up to you (and you only).


The secret sauce to ensure that your stuff on MEGA stays private is technically called “encryption”. We have a number of smart people to ensure that encryption is done properly, and you are the only one in charge of your stuff

Platform Choice

MEGA is available on Windows Phone, Android, iOS and more. On your desktop, MEGA needs to use HTML5 compatible browsers to ensure your stuff remains safe. We recommend Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

We’re the first to provide a whopping 50 GB of storage space to our customers for free. You can also get more if you decide to buy. But let’s just get you started on the juicy 50 GB already.
WP team released a holiday present for the beta testers. Version ** has the following changes:

Update:  The app is now available for download.

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