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Material Design 2 is glorious on Android P!


Material Design 2 has been teased with smartphones running Android P. Adam Grabowski and Nicolo Bianchino made the video possible for the Google Material Design Team. The teaser showcases some of the core apps of Google like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Maps, running with the second installment of Material Design.

There is a zero chance our readers are hearing it for the first time ever as we have already written a report explaining the Material Design 2 on Google Maps. But it has been quite some time now and we are seeing more and more intuitive design as we are approaching the public release of Android Pistachio. Surprisingly, Google did not restrict themselves from implementing its latest design on the number one desktop browser Google Chrome. We have already seen some part of the new design on Google Chrome and will be seeing more in the coming days.

Google for the first introduced for the first time introduced Material Design in its Google I/O event back in 2014. Ever since then the search giant never really made any significant changes to the design. However, with Android P Material Design 2 will be more consistent and thorough.

Update: Looks like the video that showcases all these changes have been removed or you need permission to access which means that we cannot embed the video anymore.




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