Make it Rain

Make it Rain: The Love of Money has recived a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is The latest update brings lots of new features such as  New tutorials, New live tiles, performance improvements and more.

Make it Rain: The Love of Money Changelog:

– All currencies unlocked! How boring is always swiping the same bill… Access to a lot of new real (and not so real) currencies
– Make it rain like a pro with the new $100 bill (new in-app purchase)
– Get the first bucket for free! (yes, you’re welcome)
– New purchase: Forever gold, I want to be forever gold. Do you really want to be gold forever? Forever, and ever
– New tutorials: Meet Mr. Pig Piggington, he will guide you across all the new options in the game
– Missions: Win money, bribe cards, bucket capacity… by accepting our crazy challenges. New missions are coming!
– Wait, rain on my pictures? Yeah, you can take a photo and decorate them with our mind-blowing scenarios (more soon!). And you can share these pictures with your friends
– New live tiles
– Chinese language updated
– Overall performance improvements

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