You may take it as yet another shootout where Lumia 920 has kicked all other competitor flagship smartphone camera’s back. But, this is huge promo for Lumia 920 as TOI is the largest read online and daily print English newspaper of India with daily hits surpassing combined hits of many major tech publications around the world. In other words, this is from where a big percentage of “masses” takes their bytes about latest trends in many fields including gadgets !! And great thing is that if  you go to the site of TOI now, it is featuring prominently there :).

Though the shootout itself is not done in a very fancy way with side by side comparisons and all, but seems reviewers have done good testing in background of all the contenders HTC Butterfly, BlackBerry Z10 and Sony Xperia Zand conclude,

In our review, Nokia Lumia 920 was found to have the best smartphone camera in the market right now. Its low-light imaging capabilities are miles ahead of the competition and features like Cinemagraph add to the value of the package. Android users can download Fotodanz from Google Play which has similar functionality, but is not as refined.
So if camera is a major consideration, our vote clearly goes to Lumia 920.

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