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Weekend watch 2: Lumia 925 takes competition head on. Video capture comparison vs iPhone 5 / HTC One / Sony Xperia Z .

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] 2FreshMedia has posted three side-by-side comparison videos comparing video capture by Lumia 925 camera to those by competitor flagships. These are just not an OIS tests per se, but rather they have compared video capture quality of the smartphone cams. Lumia 925's camera captures most details and impresses with clear

Weekend watch and read: CNET says, Lumia 920 has “Killer screen” and wins video capture shootout of 6 smartphones.

CNET has recently done a video capturing shootout of six leading smartphone cameras. The contenders are SGS 4,  iPhone 5, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Xperia Z and Galaxy S3. CNET concludes that, While the S4 took the top spot for its photography skills, its shaky footage means it's not quite as impressive

In a “PC Advisor poll”, Lumia 920 chosen as “most wanted smartphone regardless of price and contract” beating all other Flagships.

In a 15th March dated "PC Advisor poll" for chosing "most wanted smartphone regardless of price and contract" Lumia 920 has emerged as the winner with 32% votes out of 28,750 respondents. It has beaten all other Flagships on its way to victory including recently launched SGS 4, iPhone 5, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z (which

Major Indian daily TOI declares Nokia Lumia 920 winner in smartphone camera battle. Huge free promo for Lumia 920 !!

You may take it as yet another shootout where Lumia 920 has kicked all other competitor flagship smartphone camera's back. But, this is huge promo for Lumia 920 as TOI is the largest read online and daily print English newspaper of India with daily hits surpassing combined hits of many major