Biggest selfieLumia 730 has a wide-angled 5 MP selfie camera which has been widely appreciated for its quality and capability to accommodate many in the frame. If you ask how many, then now there is a record to boast of, for the Lumia team.

As can be seen in the above image, Lumia Bangladesh team could just fit in more than 1151 Lumia Lovers in one frame. Yes, that’s a huge selfie!! Looks like a world record already.

Congratulations Bangladesh! The World’s Largest Selfie has been captured with at least 1,151 selfie lovers in one gigantic selfie captured by #Lumia730!
Now let’s share this pride among our friends!
Let’s Selfie! #LumiaSelfie | Powered by Lumia 730 |


Thanks Rashid for the tip. Cheers!!