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Nokia DNG Before-After Edit

One company which has pushed the boundaries of mobile imaging and brought it closer than ever to threaten compacts and DSLRs quality wise, has to be Nokia. Now, Nokia breaks one more barrier and brings RAW image capture capability to Lumia 1020 and 1520. Have a look at the above images.

On the left is unprocessed RAW image and on the right one can see processed images. These images are from Lumia 1020 and see how the noise disappears in processed images. That’s exactly what one can achieve with RAW support. Juha from Nokia compares RAW DNG files with negatives for analog images,

For those who are unfamiliar with RAW DNG files, and how you might work with them, Juha compares it to using traditional 35mm film, and then developing it in a darkroom. “Shooting RAW is like shooting with negative film. After capturing the “negatives”, you use them to develop the image yourself using an external “darkroom” tool, in this case computer software,” Juha notes.

On how it works,

As you can see, the RAW DNG file always comes together with 5MP oversampled image. This way you always have a very high quality and easy to share image on your device, whereas the RAW file is something you open and edit on your computer, meaning you need to transfer the RAW image files via USB to your PC or Mac before you start processing them.

RAW support will be available right away on the Nokia Lumia 1520, and it will be coming soon to the Lumia 1020 with the Nokia Camera app.

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One more article at NokConv talks about imaging and audio innovations on Lumia 1520 in detail and one of the most interesting part is directional stereo recording,

Another innovation that makes the videos unbelievably good is the new Nokia Rich Recording audio technology with four high performance microphones. Two pairs of these new digital microphones are used to capture directional stereo, which means that Lumia 1520 can capture crystal clear audio from the direction that you are recording while suppressing unwanted surrounding noise and echo.

There are some really good imaging samples captured with Lumia 1520 as well in the article. Clicking on these samples reveals the full-size images.



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