Lumia Denim 630In its latest weekly software update table, Vodafone Australia has also listed Lumia Denim (WP8.1 Blue GDR1 QFEx) for Lumia devices. While the status for all other devices vary from awaiting software to testing in progress in case of Lumia 630, it is mentioned as,

Issues found in testing. Nokia is no longer going ahead with this update.

Well, if you check the tracker it still lists “Lumia Cyan” as the available update for Lumia 630 on Vodafone. So, it remains inconclusive but the “Nokia is no longer going ahead with this update” claim is very surprising, as Microsoft won’t cancel the update for the sake of one device. Even if it is meant for only Lumia 630, it is really unjustified.

Thanks Adam for the tip. Cheers!!