Living images 2

Microsoft has shard some details about the missing Lumia Camera app from Lumia 1020 running Windows 10 Mobile and also about Living Images on Windows 10 Mobile devices and when can one expect them to make a comeback. It is not encouraging, as Microsoft says that Lumia Camera app for Lumia 1020 will not come back until later this fall. I certainly miss dual-capture mode on my Lumia 1020 and also don’t want to go back to Windows Phone 8.1.

We also wanted to talk a little bit about Lumia 1020 camera features on Windows 10. Owners of the Lumia 1020 love using their phone’s amazing camera to capture high-fidelity photos and videos. If you recently upgraded your Lumia 1020 to a Windows 10 Insider Preview build, you might have been disappointed that your camera wasn’t working like you expect. Many of the Lumia 1020’s camera features, like 41MP capture and DNG files, only work with the Lumia Camera app. While the app works with Windows 10 Mobile, it won’t be available for download from the Store until later this fall.

To get all your Lumia 1020 camera features back, you need the Lumia Camera app installed on your phone. The easy solution is to wait until the app is available in the Store. If you don’t want to wait, you need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to return to Windows Phone 8.1 in order to get the app back.

Note: These issues only affect the Lumia 1020. If you have a different Lumia phone, the default Windows Camera app already supports all Lumia features except Living Images, which are coming soon to the Lumia phones that have them today!

Thanks for putting up with this temporary loss of functionality on Lumia 1020 devices.