Pocketnow.com and Engadget have posted long detailed reviews of Lumia 900.We will obviously go straight to the conclusions drawn by both in the article and will entrust you to follow the review links and read the detailed reviews of Lumia 900.

Pocketnow.com has given 4.5/5 to the device and says that it will remind you the manufacturing prowess of Nokia and why there are considered to be the best.

+ Beautiful hardware design

+ Three polycarbonate body color options

+ 1.4 Ghz CPU is quick

+ Nokia Drive free navigation software with global offline maps

+ Large 4.3″ OLED screen with decent outdoor visibility

+ AT&T LTE high speed internet

+ Great battery life (about 1.5 days)

+ Fantastic price


– Non-replaceable battery

– Pocket-to-picture feature can be unreliable

– Some features missing from other high-end Nokia devices (HDMI out, hardware lock switch, Xenon flash, 41 megapixel camera, etc.)


There has been a lot of interest and anticipation for the Nokia Lumia 900.  It’s the first real flagship Nokia Windows Phone to come to the U.S.A.  Of course the Lumia 710 was the first Nokia Windows Phone in the U.S. and it has been selling very well on T-Moble, but the Lumia 900 is really the one everyone has been waiting for.  It’s got everything: great build quality, large screen, high speed LTE, great battery life, beautiful design, a stable/smooth/fun/easy/capable operating system, great reception, and a fantastic price. I’m a little disappointed that our review version is the black model since the Cyan version just looks so incredibly eye-catching.  I think it’s going to be difficult to find a reason not to buy one of these if you’re on AT&T and are up for a contract renewal.

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Engadget.com paints Lumia 900 as a potent mid-ranger and says that as a middle of the road device it can be Nokia’s greatest hit. They seem pretty impressed with Lumia 900’s camera capabilities. But their biggest gripe is 800X480 resolution screen and IE browser due to which they think it is not in the league of Flagships. Although they are very impressed with CBD AMOLED screen of Lumia 900, which provides amazing outdoor readability.

Still, with the inclusion of Nokia’s ClearBlack AMOLED display tech, prospective owners will be treated to an incredibly bright and intensely saturated screen that’s refreshingly liberated from the 800’s PenTile trappings. Even when viewing it outdoors in direct sunlight, we had no difficulty discerning the contents of our live tiles or even the camera interface. Granted, we had the brightness cranked to the max, but contrast this readability with the high level of glare commonplace on competing handsets and you should be able to overlook the Lumia 900’s graphical shortcomings.

Their conclusion is that Lumia 900 will be a winner for Nokia with the overall package and $99 price  .

In that context, the Lumia 900 comes off as yet another decent offering on AT&T’s increasingly bountiful LTE lineup. Dispense of Espoo’s rose-colored glasses and the case for this middle of the road Lumia becomes somewhat clearer. Filter out the marketing noise and focus on its superb performance as a reliable point-and-shoot and now you’ve got a winner. Toss in those considerable network speeds and default access to Internet Sharing and, suddenly, it’s a shining star. Sprinkle all of that with an attractive polycarbonate case, a saturated and legible display and the magic eraser of its $99 on two-year contract pricing and, ipso facto, you’ve got a no-brainer purchase staring you in the face. Does the Lumia 900 fail to find its place amongst other smartphone hulks? Well, yes. But again, it’s playing in a league of Windows Phone’s single-core own. With the careful cultivation of a cultish, fashion-conscious consumer following, however, this could very well be Nokia’s greatest hit.

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