Lumia 900 in white and black shades are now available for pre-order from Microsoft stores in USA on a deposit of $25. This was confirmed to Zatz Not Funny by Microsoft store employees. According to the employees, the white and black Lumia 900 handsets are expected sometime in the second half of March. Pricing seems to be the source of some in-store confusion, with $150 to $200 being discussed. If you remember our previous article suggested AT&T is aiming for the altogether more competitive $100 point.

Earlier reports were about pre-orders for Black and Cyan colors. But now it seems Black,Cyan and White may be available from second half of March.

Lumia 900 white

Some more from the source,

Speaking of those store employees, two confirmed reports that they’re accepting $25 deposits on the flagship Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone (on AT&T). However, as I tweeted, it’s pretty absurd to pre-order a device that has no announced launch date or pricing. So, of course, I pushed the staff for details. They stated rather factually that I could request white or black Lumia 900 hardware which they expect to release in the second half of March, after the 15th. Unfortunately, they weren’t so certain on pricing. One employee figured the Nokia handset would run about $200, while the other conferred with the manager who wasn’t given concrete details but inferred it’d be made available between $150 – $199.