lumia 830 displayIt is really difficult to blog, when you are vacationing, but my Nokia X2 is helping me with its mobile hotspot. So, here is one more for the day!

Lumia 830 vs 808 PV daylight video capture:

I would like to hear from you what do you think. Can Lumia 830’s 10 MP PureView camera outdo the first PureView device in terms of video capture.

Lumia 830 vs 808 PV digital zoom comparison:

You mayn’t know it, but you can zoom in with Lumia 830 camera during video capture and that too by just by sliding your finger on the screen. But can it compare to lossless zoom offered by 808 PV?

Flower colors captured with Lumia 830:

Gives an idea about how richer and truer colors are captured  Lumia 830 camera.

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