Engadget has posted hands-on images gallery and video of already hot favourite Lumia 620. They really have great first impressions of the device, it seems. You can check the image gallery by clicking the link here.

Check the hands-on video here,

[viddler id=5406de9a w=545 h=307]

One great addition to cool features of Lumia 620 is the rich-recording or HAAC microphones, which do the work on both PureViews 808 and Lumia 920 and also on Lumia 822, 820 and 810. This will be really great feature for a budget device like Lumia 620 to have and Nokia must take care to bring it out in promos. The other less promoted feature is “Dolby headphone” or “Dolby surround ” audio output which will give great music experience on Lumia 620 as well.

Thanks @easycapexpertti for the Tip!!