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First live concert video recording with Lumia 1020!! The awesomeness of Rich-recording and low-light video capture.

[embedit snippet="madsb"] Lumia 1020 is the first Lumia to feature stereo recording with HAAC mics which Nokia fondly refers as "Rich-recoding". Now, that 41 MP camera with OIS, lossless zoom and Rich-recording makes Lumia 1020 "the device" to record live concerts anywhere, anytime. So, our twitter friend @easycapexpertti who runs a great

Official “WP” channel posts video of “Sasquatch! Music Festival 2013 captured with a Nokia Lumia 928 “.

[embedit snippet="madsb"] WindowsPhone's official YouTube channel has posted this video of Sasquatch Music Festival captured with a Nokia Lumia 928. Though we know, Lumias are dream devices, when it comes to live concert -recording and Lumia 928 is no exception with PureView camera and HAAC mics along with one of the

Weekend Watch 2: Low-light concert videos, Waterfall, Street performance and more captured with Lumia 928.

Thanks "Sirkular" for sending this in. He has contacted us with links of many videos captured with Lumia 928 in 3 different cities of the US. There are low-light concert videos, Waterfall, Street performance and much more captured in these videos. Read, why Sirkular wants to share this video, Hello,  I recently

Many live concert videos and picture samples claimed to be captured with “Lumia 928” in both daylight and low-light !!

Over WPCentral a user has posted many daylight and low-light video and photo samples claimed to be captured with Lumia 928. Claimed, because there is no exif dat for images. But anyways many of the videos are live-concert recordings with amazing audio and low-light recording quality, a trademark of Nokia's HAAC mics and