The video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skpt9I-BxYg&feature=uploademail) has been made private by Nokia, but the notification received by us in the mail reveals the video name to be, 610NFC amended YouTube sharing, which certainly confirms that the Lumia 610 has NFC support.

While Lumia 610 was earlier spotted in a benchmarking app for WP7  listed with NFC label, it was not strong enough an evidence to confirm whether it will have NFC support. Nokia didn’t announce anything related to that at the time of Lumia 610’s launch.

Nokia Hongkong also kind of confirmed that Lumia 800 will get NFC features through future updates, which led us believe that there might be some micro-chip hidden in all Lumia which might be activated later, just like C7.


But now it seems that Nokia has announced that Lumia 610 do have NFC feature and a video showing as private has been produced as the evidence. So if this hold true then we might not be surprised with NFC coming to other Lumias 710, 800, 900 in near future.