Lumia 550 is the latest budget-minded smartphone from Microsoft that runs Windows 10 Mobile out of box. We last posted camera evaluation of Lumia 550 and used Lumia 525 camera for comparison benchmarking. You can read our detailed Lumia 550 camera review by clicking here. Now, we test Lumia 550 in terms of general performance, browsing, multitasking and more. We have again compared it to Lumia 525 running Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.218 to keep it fair and what better way to evaluate Lumia 550’s real-life performance than to compare it against Lumia 525 that also has 1 GB RAM but packs a Snapdragon processor nearly 2-generations older.

But honestly Lumia 525 doesn’t feel like running a 2-year old processor with Build 10586.218 and gives Lumia 550 a run for its money. Most of the time it is neck and neck fight between the two and while in some places Lumia 550 does better like in camera speed, Lumia 525 doesn’t lag behind much. Watch for yourself and you may be wondering about Microsoft’s decision to not release Windows 10 Mobile officially to Lumia 525.