Lumia 435Good news for those interested in Lumia 435 in UK. Sim-Free Lumia 435 can be pre-ordered in UK now. Amazon UK has listed the device for a price of £88.49 and the release date is March 1, 2015. The device can be pre-ordered in three color models: Black Orange and Green. This is kind of a pleasant surprise to see Lumias going on pre-order so soon in markets like UK post their launch.

Anyways, coming to Lumia 435 details, it takes Lumia range to new lows in terms of pricing and still packs good specs. It has FFC unlike some of its brethren like Lumia 530 and Microsoft has promoted it as fit for Skype. Read how Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 compare by clicking here.

Though the pre-order pricing of £88.49 is bit on higher side as compared to expected pricing for Lumia 435.

Seems, both Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 can be now pre-ordered in Germany too, for prices of  EUR 89 and EUR 99 respectively. The delivery date is unknown though.

Lumia 532 Germany link

Lumia 435 Germany link

Lumia 435 UK link

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