Lumi 435 IndiaLumia 435 has been silently released in India by Microsoft. The device that takes Lumia range to its lowest pricing is now available at official to buy Microsoft Mobile store (erstwhile Nokia Store).

Lumia 435 in Black and White is in stock for a price of Rs 5999 quite comparable to Lumia 530’s price of Rs 6198. Lumia 435 though packs FFC, 8 GB storage and 1 GB RAM compared to no FFC, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB storgae on Lumia 530. This makes the device bit future-proof!! Lumia 435 though only has 2 MP camera as compared to 5 MP camera on Lumia 530.

Lumia 435 buy link

Another good news is that the official store also lists Lumia 532 as coming soon. With its 5 MP camera, FFC, Glance screen and Quad-core processor Lumia 532 packs lots of punch for the price it is expected to command.

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