Priced $1499, October 26th: #Surface Book

It is a 2-in-1 devices. available 26th October.

Surface Laptop

Surface Book was the surprise. 13.5-inch display. Perfect trackpad.

Surface vs Mac

#Surface Pro 4 50% faster than #MacBook Air

surface pro 4

Surface Pro 4 announced. 12.3-inch Display. thinnest.

Surface Pen with eraser announced. Full year Battery Life.

Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL announced.

Liquid cooling!! Didn’t see that coming.

Welcome back Glance screen.

5th Gen OIS, didn’t we tell you.

Display Dock that’s the name for Continuum accessory.

Be productive like a boss with 950 and continuum for phones


: $549 : $649 : $139

lumia 950 launch

Surface 3.5 Billion brand already.

Mix Reality gaming

And here we go. Bring it on Microsoft…

New Microsoft Windows experience video playing.

110 million installs of Windows 10.

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Universal apps coming!

Xbox new commercial playing now.

Mix Reality gaming on HoloLens

Microsoft Band 2 announced.

Band 2

Design, gorilla glass, workouts, Barometer all new stuff on Microsoft Band 2.

Band 2


Webcast October 6

We will cover the event in our live blog, here right on this page. If you want to rather watch the webcast, click here.