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Leaked Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586 screenshot reveals app list change


app list leaked

Recently Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile build 10581 to Windows Insiders on Fast Ring. Mobile Build 10581 comes with several fixes and few known issues. However there was no major features available in this build.

Microsoft is expected to released Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586 to Windows Insiders very soon, if the reboot loop issue is solved. However recently new video of Build 10586 leaked and it doesn’t not contains any major tweaks.

Now our sources has provided us a new screenshot in which it reveals a change included in the app list. Now the app list adds a “Search Store” button at the end of the list. When clicking on “Search Store” button, it redirects to store with a strange search tag of “PH”. You can check the screenshots above.

However it is nice to see some minor changes coming in Windows 10 Mobile and we expect some more changes is coming in upcoming preview builds.

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  • Why such a waste of display area ?

    • Josh

      this is not a waste of display. even if they fill the app icons across the scree just like in android app drawers still it would fit same number of app icons as it does now cos then they need to leave massive space between icons to accommodate app names. so logically this is not a waste of display area. in fact it is more effective as the app icons are not all over the place you can easily use it in one-hand and also quickly navigate or scan through apps.

      • A long name app is a bad name. What I demand is a much biger font. I have 640 XL (5.7″, same as 950 XL) and in 8.1 the font size is biger, much more readable as in this screen-shot. Maybe in W10M they allow us to change font size.

        • Josh

          You can change the size of the font and the entire UI by adjusting the DPI. didnt you try it?

          • No, just in Settings – Ease of access. I don’t need to change DPI, icons are just fine.

  • McHale72

    “…it doesn’t not contains any major tweaks.”

    Um… what?

    • Tale 85

      Does this have a hidden meaning? A clue?
      Something he’s not telling us?
      Oh schnidt, let the speculation begin!

      ………. Or it could be a typo… 🙁