Kantar September

Kantar’s sales share report for three months ending September 2015 is out and it is a mixed bag for Windows Phone. While Windows Phone sales share has gone down slightly in Europe, it is up in US and China on a Month on Month basis. Click here to read last month’s report.


Sales share is down to 10.6% from high of 11% last month. In all the major markets like UK, France, Germany, Italy where Windows Phone is strong, sales has gone down, perhaps in the anticipation of upcoming devices.


Sales Share is up at 3.9% from 3.5% last month.


China market has been a surprise and keeping on the momentum from last month the sales share is at 3% now.

In Australia sales share is stagnant at 7.4% if you compare to the last month. However things look up when you compare on a Year on Year basis for the same period. Sales Share in Europe is up at 10.6% as compared to 10.3% last year.

The new Flagship devices Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have managed to get some favorable reception from the Tech media and consumers alike, who have managed to play with them. If successful these two devices can help Microsoft in garnering some market share and mind share.