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Joe Belfiore: News on Office for Windows Phone before 19th feb. Windows customization for China also to be revealed


belfiore-2Joe Belfiore has taken to China’s social networking site Weibo to confirm two important things:

News on Office for Windows Phone coming before 19th Feb (Chinese New year):

At the end of 2014 open letter I would like to thank you, know we are on iOS and Android platforms, Microsoft released a new application (such as Office) on WP has not released plans to be confused. I wanted to tell you is that we must not forget WP Office team. We want to keep all of the information and statements expose to everyone at the same time and place. Before the Spring Festival, will share our plans, so stay tuned.

Chinese customization of Windows will be revealed:

My team gave me a in China Chinese name: Qiao Beifeng. North is North of Beijing, peak is a mountain peak of the peak. The two are combined in gossip or deeper meaning: modesty creates success. The 2015 ‘s work and upcoming products and I am very excited and looking forward to it. My team is also committed to the development of Windows in China on the Chinese localization of functions and features, in the near future we will have the opportunity to experience it! 

We know that Microsoft is holding an event on 21st Jan for taking about consumer face of Windows 10. So, we can expect lots of action on and around that date.

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