If you refer to our earlier article about Symbian Carla bug testing on E6,E7,701 and Carla running on 701,



you might read the following,

Now 701 has been caught at handset detection running the browser version 8.2 and Symbian OS version 112.010.0905 which is close to version number 112.010.0404 being tested for bugs, hence must be latest version of Carla.

If you now see the screenshot on the top, which is of newly revealed 808 pure view, you will see firmware version 112.010.093 and browser version 8.2 with the Symbian Belle Feature pack 1 the official running firmware of 808 pureview.

So the obvious question comes to mind, is this Carla. Is the Symbian Belle Feature pack 1 actually Symbian Carla.

Now let us see what Carla was supposed to bring as improvements on Belle,


Carla will have  major improvements, NFC, Dolby surround, New improved resizable Widgets, Improved Browser (Version 8). Also Carla is supposed to come in late 2012 or early 2013.

So now compare what this  Symbian Belle Feature pack 1 is bringing officially,


  • Dolby surround sound recording
  • Processor clocking speed bump from 1GHz to 1.3GHz.
  • faster browser with HTML5 support
  • New version of Maps.

Hence it seems NFC improvements and resizable widgets are still being developed or under testing. Also one must note this is a prototype version of Carla and Nokia might have thought of going ahead to MWC with whatever best possible Symbian version they had in the labs. So that perhaps solves the puzzle for me. There are two possibilities,

  • Either this is unfinished prototype version of Carla, which is more possible.
  • Or  like Anna and Belle, Nokia might bring Carla in two different software updates.

But anyways it brings us to a very sweet Conclusion that 808 pureview was actually launched with Symbian Carla 🙂