Well, it turns out that RM-1182 that seemed like a new Lumia because of it being Microsoft-branded, is a big surprise in itself. It is not a Lumia and yet bears Microsoft branding. Yes, it is a Microsoft-branded feature-phone. Microsoft just decided to sell it feature-phone division to Foxconn and AMD along with Nokia-brand rights, so may be at some point Microsoft really considered using its own Brand name to replace Nokia’s brand name even on feature phones.

RM-1182.1 RM-1182.2

Given how much recognition Nokia brand have in markets where Feature phones are still sold, it certainly looks like a very surprising move. Microsoft had rights to use Nokia brand on feature-phones for 10 years, so did Microsoft Mobile really plan to get rid of Nokia legacy by replacing the branding on feature-phones too??

Thanks NokiBar for the tip. Cheers!!