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Microsoft-branded Feature-phones. Who could have thought?

Well, it turns out that RM-1182 that seemed like a new Lumia because of it being Microsoft-branded, is a big surprise in itself. It is not a Lumia and yet bears Microsoft branding. Yes, it is a Microsoft-branded feature-phone. Microsoft just decided to sell it feature-phone division to Foxconn and AMD along with Nokia-brand rights, so may be at some point Microsoft really considered using its own Brand name to replace Nokia’s brand name even on feature phones.

RM-1182.1 RM-1182.2

Given how much recognition Nokia brand have in markets where Feature phones are still sold, it certainly looks like a very surprising move. Microsoft had rights to use Nokia brand on feature-phones for 10 years, so did Microsoft Mobile really plan to get rid of Nokia legacy by replacing the branding on feature-phones too??

Thanks NokiBar for the tip. Cheers!!


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  • Checkoutdude

    should have kept this going.. feature phone makes sense and they had the nokia phone icon to build on. thought I read somewhere that these handsets were a good way to bring developing works online… surely that would be the perfect way to bring people to the nokia brand and then switch them up to a windows phone?? oh well.

  • Deetron

    India here I come !
    You’ll succeed where apple’s kool-aid failed.

  • McHale72

    Ironically, the one Windows Mobile device I really miss using is my HP iPAQ VoiceMessenger 514, which looks just like this. If this has a flavor of Windows Phone on it, I’d pick this up.

  • Michal Smrž

    No one would buy that, because who bought it now, did that just because it was a Nokia brand on it, and thus assurance of some quality. Old people, who are actually major customers for these kind of phones, don’t know what “Microsoft” is. Another weird step by Microsoft – as usual unfortunately.

  • Emre Aktaş


  • mrr_harry

    They have to focus on smartphones! It’s very beautiful btw 😀