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Microsoft-branded Feature-phones. Who could have thought?

Well, it turns out that RM-1182 that seemed like a new Lumia because of it being Microsoft-branded, is a big surprise in itself. It is not a Lumia and yet bears Microsoft branding. Yes,...

POV: Lumia 650, the last Lumia?? Even Surface Phone may arrive as a Lumia.

There have been some reports claiming that Lumia 650 is the last Lumia coming from Microsoft and then we will see the hallowed "Surface Phone" later this year and we were the first one...

Lumia 750 / 850 (RM-1182) passes certification in China now

We earlier reported about Lumia with RM-1182 code passing certification in Indonesia. Later We told you why we think that at least one high-end mid-ranger or may be two Lumia 750 and / or...

New Lumia with RM-1182 code passes certification in Indonesia

Device Certifications usually give us very interesting insight into what is going to be new in the world of Lumias. We are yet waiting for some mid-range Lumias; Lumia 650, Lumia 750 and probably...

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