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We have shown you how to capture “Bokeh” with 808 PureView’ camera and presented few samples from time to time. Bokeh is an amazing photography effect where the background gets blurred. Check below articles to see some Bokeh samples.



Now, what one of our readers has done that, he has captured not only Bokeh but seems to have invented a way to do the reverse Bokeh as well. So, in reverse Bokeh the foreground gets blurred and background remains focused. I haven’t tried it myself ever, so it is quite new and appreciable photography trick for me. Enjoy few samples sent to us by “Michael”.

WP_20130702_014 WP_20130702_015 WP_20130702_017 WP_20130702_018

This is what Michael has to say about this effect,

 Hi NokiaPowerUser,

I would like you to see the sample pictures of my Lumia 920. Using the Close Up scene, we can capture the detailed front image and blurred background. However if we use more lighting on the background, we can produce blurred front image while the background has more details. I’m not a professional photographer but after seeing these images, i think Lumia can make a shortcut for us. 🙂

I don’t know if anyone has already tipped this stuff but I’m proud that I discovered it on my own.

We are also proud to see Michael’s accomplishment with Lumia 920’s PureView camera. Do share in comments, whether you liked this and share with us in case you do have such interesting images or tricks.

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