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Instagram testing Facebook location history


Now that Facebook got more advanced in collecting users location, it would like the same to happen with all their products and not just Facebook. We, just a few days back reported on Facebook’s Map view in the Nearby section. Now reports are are suggesting that Facebook will use Facebook Location History in the Instagram app too.

The feature allows tracking the history of precise locations from your device. All the Instagram users who also use Facebook will be able to access their location history on the Instagram app.

Although location on Facebook is not a thing of 2018, Facebook has been collection users’ location information for quite some time now. With the recent development of Map view on Facebook and making it available to Instagram is certainly makes things more robust, giving users more ways to access their location history.

Needlessly to say, you need to set your device location on for this to work. And for those who are not willing to provide all the information to Facebook, there is also an option to disable location history. However, Facebook may still receive your most recent precise location even if you turn off all these.

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